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 Why BBS Bike?

Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski - rzeka Kamienna, Lata 30, archiwum rodzinne

Everything has started in the 19th century...

That was when the first vehicles powered by the strength of human muscles appeared on the streets. Over the years the construction of the velocipede got steadily improved. That was also the time when the legendary companies of the today's two-wheeled vehicles' world were slowly emerging. Around 1900 many bicycles could already be seen on the streets, some of them are working even to this day!


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First of all, the comfort

Rower No.2

Great attention was paid those days to the comfort of riding. First pneumatic tires were made and people could sit on real leather saddles. For over 100 years the English Brooks company has manufactured them in their original form! The legendary quality, the comfort and the timeless style. The best brands in the world have trusted the British for a reason.

From the islands comes also the "heart" of our two-wheelers. The world's first internal planetary gear by Sturmey&Archer was made as early as in 1902! Its refined construction and the beautiful design fits the style of our small workshop perfectly.

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Logo BBS Bike na ramie

Secondly, the craftsmanship

Each bike leaving our workshop represents hours of craft work of many professionals. Hand-painted, lightweight aluminum frames, wood, leather trim... It all adds up to the unique and timeless nature of our riding "works of art".



"The best things are worth waiting for..."



Ach ta osłona na łańcuch

The uniqueness of our design is based primarily on the individuality. Each bike can be personalized. Favorite color, name of the owner or accessories are no problem for us! You fulfill your dreams and all we do is help you achieve them. Importing of the best parts from countries all over  the world and the pure handiwork take time, but waiting only reinforces the feeling of joy, when you receive your "dream bike".


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Last but not least, the appearance

Rower No.1

Chic, elegant, classic. These words are perhaps the best to describe the ideas which guided us in process of the construction of our vehicles.

The common element characterizing our bicycles is the beautiful design that's based on the early twentieth century motorcycles. Cushioning, flotation tires, chrome lamps and wooden elements are the  components allowing us to catch a whiff of nostalgia as we go back in time to when the main role in the factory wasn't held by the accountants.


All of the above adds up to one amazing whole. Our vehicles are a delight to look at and the joy becomes greater with each kilometer.

I am truly pleased to be able to offer you that happiness!

BBS Bike owner

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